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Looking for some extra tips on setting up your new roll of BD background paper or how to keep your muslin backdrop wrinkle-free? Check out some of our blogs here for tutorials, tips and resources for beginners and pros alike.

Enhance Your Classic Headshots with a Subtle Mottled Background

Our Collapsible Backgrounds are the perfect backdrop size and style for headshots and 3/4 body shots, in or out of the studio. These backgrounds fold down to 1/3 of their original size, allowing for easy transport to on-location headshot sessions, like in an office or classroom. Another great advantage of these backgrounds is that they offer two distinct looks in one! Easily flip the 5'x6' background around during the middle of a photo shoot to change up the look of your portraits. Our personal favorites are the subtle coloring and texture in our mottled collapsible backgrounds below.