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What Message is Your Paper Background Color Sending?

What Message is Your Paper Background Color Sending?

If you are a new photographer or perhaps you just want to add some new techniques to your bag of tricks—it is time to consider colored paper backdrops to your photography. Seamless paper comes in vibrant, high-energy colors as well as neutral tones and calming hues. So, if over 50 unique color options are available with BD Background Paper, how do you choose which one is right for your shoot?

White Backgrounds

White paper backgrounds are among the most popular choices. White is highly reflective and reacts well to colored lighting techniques. White works with any color your model is wearing without detracting from your subject. You can produce a mood that is crisp and clean, sterile or even professional with a white paper backdrop. 

Photo by Ryan Walsh

Blue Backgrounds

Blue seamless paper can have many different personalities. Dark blue lends itself to a more serious tone, while light and midtone blues are more playful and creative. If you are photographing subjects wearing large amounts of red, yellow or orange, it is important to check the color tones for compatibility.

Photo by Miguel Quiles

Purple Backgrounds

This fantastic color can be risky to try. Be brave. Purple is especially appealing to children. It is fun, invigorating and passionate. Some shades are playful while others create a sophisticated atmosphere. Using the proper shades and hues of purple in your seamless paper, you can create a photo that is serious and powerful or romantic and reminiscent.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

Pink Backgrounds

Pink is another versatile color. Pink seamless paper is used to create a festive atmosphere—imagine Easter bunnies and egg hunts. Frilly dresses and big bows. When you use pink with gray or black, you will present a more distinguished air.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

Seamless paper backgrounds are available in over 50 colors to fit your specific photo needs. Once you browse our wide variety of seamless background paper, then you will have a better idea as to how to answer the question, "What is your color saying about you?"