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Pros and Cons of Seamless Background Paper

Pros and Cons of Seamless Background Paper

One of the most highly used backdrops for photography is seamless paper. Most paper backgrounds are large rolls of colored paper in 2.72m or 3.6m wound tightly around a core and shipped in sturdy cardboard for protection.



High end photographers use a lot of seamless paper because there are many advantages to their use. The paper itself is a fine tooth quality designed to prevent reflection, eliminating the need to over or underexpose the backdrop in order to get a seamless look. Because it is paper, anytime a fresh backdrop is needed, setting one up is as simple as tearing off or rolling out a new sheet from the roll.


A roll of seamless paper is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of other high-end photo backgrounds such as muslin or vinyl. While many photographers chose to tear off and throw away the used end of the paper after each shoot, if proper care is taken the paper can last significantly longer in your studio. This will increase the value of your paper backdrop even more. 


What other background materials offer over 50 different colors and shades to choose from? Seamless paper allows you to perfectly match your shoot theme and style with an eye-catching and complementary backdrop. Choosing a bright color like Sunflower or Alaska Blue can enhance the creative tone of your shoot, or a classic Thunder Gray or Super White will instill a consistently professional look.



While seamless paper is made of a thick, durable paper product, remember that it is paper. If you do not practice careful handing when setting up, walking on and storing, tears, dirt and creases will appear. 


A 2.72m wide, sturdy paper roll is not quite the easiest item to transport to an on-location photo shoot. Traveling shoots may require a smaller backdrop like a collapsible or muslin. 

The most important part of preparing for your photo shoot is making sure your vision is clear. Once the goals of the shoot are established, choosing the best backdrops, props and clothing will be much easier.