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Collapsible Backgrounds: Huge Advantages in Small Sizes

Collapsible Backgrounds: Huge Advantages in Small Sizes

While many photographers prefer to work with whatever natural backdrops are available when they work on location, sometimes a natural backdrop or location just isn’t practical. They may get to the site and discover it is too small, or doesn’t provide the photographer with enough control in order to get the shot he wants. In these cases it is good to have a collapsible backdrop handy in order to better control the photo shoot and get the perfect shot.

Just a few of the benefits of collapsible backdrops are convenience, portability, variety and control. Collapsible backdrops generally measure 1.52m x 1.83 when fully extended. When collapsed, these items fit neatly in a very small space, just a third of their extended size. The surface area is generous enough to do impromptu head and medium shots, take portraits of couples or singles and even capture a photo of the family pet. It is much easier to commit to a sudden location call, if you have one or two reversible backdrop bags waiting in your vehicle.

Many photographers have a limited budget for their photo tools. But, instead of tacking inexpensive fabric directly to the wall for makeshift backdrops, consider a slightly more expensive version of this method that yields much better visual results and no damage to your walls! Collapsible backdrop kits are easy to have ready to use quickly, in any location.

Photos by Ryan Walsh

Durable and Convenient

Most collapsible backgrounds and support stands are comprised of one telescoping stands support. These stands are lightweight due to tubular construction and easy to assemble in minutes. Collapsible backgrounds may weigh approximately 2.6 kg and are easy to collapse and bundle into a small package for easy movement and storage.

Collapsible background stands are made of metal, such as aluminum, so they are durable. There are few moving parts so opportunities for damage to occur when setting up or taking down these stands are minimal. Because they are easy to collapse and store within minutes, many hobby photographers do not use them constantly, further extending their longevity by infrequent use.

Easy to Set Up

Once a photographer has selected and purchased a collapsible background support stand, hanging the collapsible background on the stand is simple. Many photographers choose to simply clamp one side of the background to the stand. With just a clip, your background is ready to photograph in a matter of minutes.

When it comes time to take the perfect photo, hanging the appropriate background can be as easy as pulling out your collapsible stand, adjusting a few movable parts to ready the stand for use and hanging your background as desired. Collapsible backgrounds are available in a variety of patterns and colors, so you are sure to get the correct one for your photography needs. No walls need to be harmed in the process.

Convenient Size

Proper alignment of your subject to your backdrop frame is very important, as your photo can look unprofessional if the subject isn’t properly centered, meaning the photographer, subject and backdrop all need to be properly aligned within your frame. Getting the frame right is also easier when the subject can be closer to the backdrop. Aside from the fact that kids move more, it is easier to work with them against smaller collapsible backdrop than adults, simply because they are smaller. Having something to occupy a child’s attention during a shoot helps.

While the smallest backdrops are the easiest to carry, they offer the least amount of freedom. Small backdrops mean a smaller area for the subject to move around in in order to stay framed by the backdrop. Children and pets may fit in the space, but if they don’t like to hold still, a good shot is challenging. However, adult headshots or inanimate objects such as jewelry will turn out very well against the smaller backdrops.

Two Backdrops in One

Photos by Ryan Walsh

It is also good to have the choice between white and black backdrops, and convenient to have the choice available in a single backdrop. A white background is the most basic and versatile, while a black backdrop can add a little bit of drama to a photo shoot. Splashes of color can be included in either backdrop by using colored light.